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January 17: CoffeeTalk Recap on Public Policy Insights

CoffeeTalk Series Public Policy Insights Mary Moore Hamrick, National Managing Principal of Public Policy for Grant Thornton LLP January 17, 2013 As part of the ULI Charlotte CoffeeTalk breakfast series, ULI welcomed Mary Moore Hamrick, National Managing Principal of Public Policy for Grant Thornton LLP. Mary Moore leads Grant Thornton’s public policy initiatives and government affairs efforts, and is the firm’s primary liaison with members of Congress, the accounting profession’s standards-setters, regulators and other policymakers. Mary Moore began the conversation by collecting attendee topics of interest including budget issues, the … Read More

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How well do you know Minneapolis? Help UNCC Students enter the 2013 Hines Competition

The ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition is currently underway, and students from UNCC have entered.   Annually, the competition chooses a location, and participants find new ways to redevelop the are surrounding the stadium within that city. This year, the Hines Competition focuses on Minneapolis, in Downtown East, where discussions have actually taken place to build a stadium. According to UrbanLand, 160 teams from 70 Universities have entered. For the full article on the Gerald D Hines student Urban Design Competition, please click here. How can you … Read More

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Complete a Survey and Become Involved in CONNECT Our Future Initiative

Our 14-county region is the fastest-growing metro region in the country, projected to double in population by 2050.  That’s another 2 million + people!  Our region already includes a diversity of people and places that are unique, but we share a common set of regional challenges.  What will this  future growth mean for traffic, educational systems, job creation, the environment?   Now is the perfect time to develop a strategy. CONNECT Our Future is engaging people all over the region collaborating on the development of strategies that position our region for … Read More

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