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Prominent apartment developer calls for more affordable housing


One of the nation’s most prominent apartment developers is calling on politicians to do more to make housing affordable, including doubling the federal subsidies developers can get for building affordable housing units. J. Ron Terwilliger, who is in Charlotte to speak to the Urban Land Institute and Charlotte City Council, told the Observer Monday that the U.S. is in a “silent housing crisis,” with more than 20 million families paying over half of their income for housing.   Read More at the Charlotte Observer

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Ron Terwilliger in Charlotte talking about America’s Silent Housing Crisis

On March 30-31, speaking to an audience of executives in land use and then at a public forum, Mr. Terwilliger spoke about his passion to help people achieve decent housing. To view his recent white paper, click here

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Congratulations to Alysia Osborne and Charlie Rulick

As part of the Emerging Leaders Program, Alyssa Osborne, City of Charlotte, and Charlie Rulick, Miller-Valentine Group, were selected, with 14 others throughout the world, to participate in the Council/District Council Exchange at the 2015 ULI Spring Meeting in Houston. Read More

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Charleston’s Upper Peninsula: Sustainable Growth for a Knowledge-Based Economy

Driving north through Charleston, South Carolina’s upper peninsula, Katie McKain explains the rationale behind a new initiative that seeks to shape this rapidly developing district, home to several creative and high-tech businesses and some of the city’s hottest commercial real estate. In a city known for its politeness and graciously restored historic homes, it is not surprising that Charleston is approaching its growth strategy with such thoughtful consideration. “We’re expecting our population to nearly double in the next 20 years,” McKain, a senior planner with Charleston’s city government, says on … Read More

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Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Shrinking Demand for Physical Space Still Means Opportunity

By Archana Pyati According to strategic marketing guru Gunnar Branson, real estate is facing a shrinking demand for physical space as a result of Moore’s Law, a prediction made in the 1960’s by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore that the computer power of micro-chips would improve exponentially every two years and take up less physical space as time over time. As a result, so much of what we consider essential now fits on the smartphones or thumb drives in our pockets or on servers and databases accessed by cloud computing.  … Read More

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2015 YLG Regional Partnership Forum | Application Deadline Friday 3/6

The Young Leaders Groups of ULI Charlotte, ULI South Carolina and ULI Triangle District Councils are excited to announce a NEW Regional Partnership Forum for 2015. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, MARCH 6 These groups will meet together in each District Council’s region with a goal of fostering an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and openness to share in each other’s business and personal experiences. Each District Council group, with the help of ULI, will develop their own program and enlist a Mentor, (senior level RE professional with strong knowledge of the … Read More

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