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ULI Charlotte Welcomes New Members!

New Members since April 1st Cate Ryba, Urban3, LLC Sarah Hazel, City of Charlotte Paul DeVine, Childress Klein Fred Caligiuri, Easlan Capital of Charlotte Jessica Conrad, Wagner Murray Architects Alex McDermott, Capstone Apartment Partners Denny Gappens, Progressive AE Ken Bernardo, Suntrust Bank Leigh Haydon, Investor Management Services Sunil Devarakonda, Childress Klein Aaron Longo, Progressive AE Brion Blais, SpeedPro Imaging Charlotte Centers Mchael Clark, Wells Fargo Bank Scott Stevens, KW Commercial William Ault, IMPLAN Sean Burke, PGIM Real Estate Finance

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Enriching the City with Public Art

Arts-led regeneration is nothing new, as the all-too-familiar tale of artists being pushed out of neighborhoods they pioneered but can no longer afford is well known. Public art generates tangible and intangible benefits, and in the most successful instances, it becomes an integral and beloved part of the community. Enhancing its environment, art enriches residents’ lives, instills a sense of civic pride, creates a shared history, connects communities, and provides opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and learning. By promoting cultural participation, public art stimulates cultural industries and the creative economy. And, … Read More

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ULI Forecast Calls for Positive Outlook through 2018, Slowing in 2019

The latest ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast is taking a more bullish view on the U.S. economy—at least for the remainder of this year. As compared with the fall survey, key indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP) growth, jobs, and the Consumer Property Price Index (CPPI) all trended higher. But that boost may be short lived with growth tapering in 2019 and 2020. “The outlook for the U.S. going into 2018 and probably into 2019 is extremely strong. There is quite a lot of geopolitical noise, but I don’t expect that … Read More

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Envisioning Walkable, Denser Suburbs with Reduced Parking Needs

A panel of experts speaking at a ULI Washington event said that thriving suburbs will continue to become more walkable and dense where appropriate, with fewer big-box stores surrounded by parking lots. Larry Hentz is a business development specialist with the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC). He noted that the county has selected five areas around five Metro stops in the county to densify—a plan that has been in the works for years but one which seems to finally be moving forward. Hentz added that he is hoping to see more … Read More

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Spring ULI Highlights

We are shaking-up the conversations and want you to be engaged.  This event will feature highlights: From the 2018 ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit Topics being discussed throughout ULI Charlotte The program is structured for “maximum sharing and engagement.” It is a great way to learn, share and meet more people.  During breakfast, you will choose a table topic of interest.  Table leaders will have a few probing questions and remarks to share and inspire conversations from the group.  After we hear from our moderator and speakers about what they heard … Read More

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Outlook for U.S. Growth Has Improved over Last Six Months; Industrial to Outperform

Real estate economists boosted their outlook for economic growth in March’s ULI semi-annual survey, compared with the survey of six months ago. The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017 may have positively affected their forecast; this same group had shown a tempering of their expectations in the previous survey. The expectation for stronger economic growth is accompanied by the potential for higher inflation and interest rates. The higher rates, however, are not projected to be detrimental to real estate returns: Forecasts for industrial returns are … Read More

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Three Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Cities

Speaking at the ULI Carolinas Meeting in February, consultant Paul Doherty of The Digit Group described how 3-D printing, building information modeling, and piezoelectricity are reshaping the built environment. Doherty’s firm focuses on smart cities, smart buildings, and the tools that can advance architecture, construction, engineering, and development. “We real estate developers are under threat because of our inability to move quickly,” said Doherty. Data Will Reshape the World “Data is going to drive our industry,” said Doherty. “It used to be that he or she who controlled the schedule … Read More

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Presenting: Pathways

The Pathways Program has been created to help our next generation explore a healthy and more connected community. We believe it will enable youth to grow and prosper, providing a new perspective on how they may impact the community they live in, as well as opportunities for future jobs. During our time in the classroom, our focus will be to engage students to open their minds to future career opportunities in real estate development, planning, design, engineering, finance, trades, and more. We want to introduce the students to skills needed … Read More

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RECAP: CoffeeTalk: Integrating Health and Wellness in our Community, Workplace and Lifestyles

On April 12, 2018, ULI Charlotte hosted a CoffeeTalk around healthy places in the built environment.  The session focused on creating places that contribute to healthier people and communities and enhancing and preserving value by meeting the growing desires for health-promoting places. The event was hosted at the new offices of AvidXchange (employer about 1200 team members) located in the Music Factory/North End area.  The panel was moderated by Dr.  Mark DeHaven of UNC Charlotte and Professor of Public Health Services, with the following panelists:  Mike Praeger, AvidXchange, Joe Frey, … Read More

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Attracting Younger Consumers With Connective Experiences Across Property Types

Today’s young professionals with discretionary income are asking for deeper engagement with their surroundings, a greater sense of ownership, and fewer barriers between work and play, connecting on a personal and emotional level with their environment. Panelists speaking at ULI’s 2018 Carolinas Meeting in February discussed what that might mean for the marketing and design of retail, office, and residential projects. “When people come together, they feel a part of something bigger, and prosperity follows. That leads a lot of the work that we do,” said Norma Morales Perez, a … Read More

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