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Top Speakers for Affordable Housing Lunch | Oct. 10 | Register Today

So many questions: How do we do it? What are tools being discussed for implementing Affordable Housing in Charlotte? What is happening in other cities that Charlotte may be able to implement?

As housing affordability needs increase, cities have shown unprecedented commitment and creativity in response. We can’t just build our way out of this. There is no single strategy for meeting housing needs, but consensus is emerging on what a complete toolbox includes.

Our panel will discuss a variety of tools and examples from around the U.S. as well as Charlotte’s initiatives. Public sector pricing offered for this event.

Bridget Grant
Dionne Nelson
Laurel Street Residential
(Charlotte, NC)
David Steinwedell
Affordable Central
(Austin, TX)
Dick Taft
Rocky Mountain Communities
(Denver, CO)
Chris Kizzie
Enterprise Community (Baltimore, MD)
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