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ULI Charlotte’s Roadmap to Leadership

ULI Charlotte is identifying thought-leaders to become active. We are a member-driven organization impacting land use through conversation, convenings and building community, and invite you to be a part of our leadership in delivering the ULI mission. Knowledge grows with collaboration.

Find your place in ULI. We create and share knowledge that inspires people to build better communities.

Your roadmap to involvement:

  1. Attend our events and become part of the conversation (be present and active – we need your voice) – check out upcoming events at https://charlotte.uli.org/events/
  2. Support ULI Charlotte as a sponsor (sponsorship allows use to support the activities in the District Council) – https://charlotte.uli.org/sponsorship/
  3. Check out opportunities based on your interests – go to https://navigator.uli.org/
  4. Learn about opportunities and apply at https://ulicharlotte.wufoo.com/forms/qo0ccx500diut8/(application deadline is 8/15/2018)

There are all levels of participation and engagement – from a short term, event based, knowledge sharing, and committee participation. There is a niche for everyone.

We look forward to your participation.

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