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SouthPark Moves from Suburban to Urban District

April 4th, 2019
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Charlotte Marriott SouthPark

How is SouthPark shifting from a suburban activity center to an urbanized district with a unique urban character? The once retail dependent market is now integrating housing and employment into mixed use trends as the district grows. The 2016 ULI SouthPark Report and specific major projects are contributing to a more meaningful, connected fabric of transportation and pedestrian systems. Panelists will dive into how this momentum has shaped development in this area and how future projects, like the Cultural Loop, are helping realize the goals presented in the report. Enjoy a conversation followed by network. This is a members only event.


  • Beth Silverman (moderator), Lotus Campaign and formerly with ULI Advisory Services (and staff lead for the South Park Advisory Panel Report)
  • Fran West, City of Charlotte, Economic Development Department
  • Chris Thomas, Childress Klein Properties (and developer of Apex SouthPark)

Click here for the 2016 ULI SouthPark Report 

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