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RECAP – The Next Generation of Our Community

On December 3, 2015, about 100 people came together to discuss the findings of the ULI America in 2015 study and the panel’s perspectives on Charlotte.  A special thank you to the Knight Foundation for their support of the program and research, and to Stockton Williams (ULI), Jenny Vallimont (Crescent Communities), Adam Williams (Legacy Real Estate Advisors), and Dan Roselli (Packard Place), for their perspectives as our speakers/panelists.

Based on the discussion around the changes in our community and the millennials’ impact on land use, below are some of the top Tweets from attendees at the program:

  • Discussion on how to retain millennials with diversity: Nashville got all of the rock stars Charlotte got all of the bankers
  • Park is an extended conference center for @PackardPlaceCLT
  • Data that makes my day: #millennials value ethnic, racial, and social diversity more than previous generations.
  • Lot of Millennials moving to Charlotte first and deciding where to live next. They are socializing in uptown.
  • Community will happen organically.


To view the presentation PowerPoint, click here.

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