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RECAP: Sponsor Breakfast

As a special thank you for their support, we invited our 2017 Annual Sponsors to breakfast with Charlotte City Manager Marcus Jones on October 17, 2017.  Here are some of the comments Mr. Jones shared with the guests. Marcus identifies himself as a data geek, so here are a few facts about our City:  Charlotte has a $2.4 billion dollar budget; by the year 2050, 70% of human population will be in an urban setting – what are we doing to make the urban corridor of Charlotte attractive?; On November 7th, 2018 we will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the City of Charlotte (1768)

Marcus went into the 10 traits of Charlotte as thought up at the last city management retreat, they are:

  1. Positive Buzz
  2. Shared Story
  3. 15 min livable communities
  4. Affordable space
  5. Workforce Dynamics
  6. Millennial Management
  7. Beyond Borders
  8. Open Minds
  9. Open Book
  10. Big Tent

He asked the development community to weave in, and tie into their stories these traits as a collaborative effort on behalf of the city.  Marcus also pointed out our Competitive Edge as being:

  1. Thriving Economy
  2. Vibrant Neighborhood
  3. Arts & Culture
  4. Welcoming & Diverse

Marcus repeatedly asked us to stay involved/engaged

 Notes by:  Mohommad Idlibi, MSRE Student at UNC Charlotte | Childress Klein Center for Real Estate

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