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What’s NEXT?: BYOI Party to Kick Off ULI NEXT in Charlotte

Open to ULI members 35-45 only. Are you a ULI member in the 35-45 age bracket looking for a way to engage in the chapter while balancing the demands of being a mid-career professional?

Join us for a focused conversation and BYOI (Bring your own Idea) party led by the newly formed ULI NEXT committee. Together over beverages, we’ll track a course for the NEXT initiative in the Charlotte District Council.

NEXT supports the ULI mission by identifying, connecting, and elevating the next generation of leaders for the built environment and ULI globally. The initiative fosters leadership opportunities in ULI, the real estate industry, and beyond. NEXT provides a range of benefits to participants as they develop their leadership skills and build lasting relationships amongst peers, with ULI leadership, and throughout the ULI network.

Click here to view a list of attendees.

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