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New Council Members Accepted

To dive deeper in land use topics, ULI Charlotte offers local and regional council opportunities for members.  In 2018, the following District Council members were accepted to participate in councils:

Regional Initiative Councils

The RICs convene members throughout North and South Carolina to promote learning, building leadership, sharing knowledge and expertise, and encourage regional collaboration.

  • Carolina Trends Council (CTC) explores market trends and opportunities created by large scale develop and major employers.  Congratulations to ULI Charlotte members recently accepted to the council: Richard Cuebas, Integra Architecture, Darcy Nagel, Greystar.
  • Rethinking Southern Cities Council (RSC) explores how southern cities can best harness their growth in a more urban and authentic fashion.  Congratulations to ULI Charlotte members recently accepted to the council:  Darlene Heater, University City Partners, Andrew Rosti, Grubb Properties.
  • Young Leaders Council (YLC) is open to YLG members that are ready to get involved in the next level of ULI.  Congratulations to ULI Charlotte members recently accepted to the council:  Kyle Chase, The Kirkland Company; Adam Essink, Kimley-Horn & Associates; Morgan Parker, Edens.

Members from ULI South Carolina and ULI Triangle were also accepted to the above councils.  For more information on RICs is available at https://carolinas.uli.org/regional-initiative-councils/.  Applications for future RIC participation is accepted each fall.

Capital Markets Council

This local council’s mission is to engage each member on substantive capital market trends and larger financial issues that affect each of us individual and our industry broadly.

Congratulations on the following new CMC members:  Ron Messenger, Grant Thornton LLP; Debbie Duniec, Childress Klein; John Scott Trotter, Charter Properties, Inc.; John Gray, LMC, a Lennar Company; Christina Langrall, Wells Fargo;  and Michael Gribble, Northwood Ravin.

Information on the CMC is available at https://charlotte.uli.org/capital-markets-council/.  New council applications are accepted in December/January of each year.

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