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RECAP: Implementing Creative Placemaking in Real Estate

On January 25, 2018, ULI Charlotte hosted Juanita Hardy, ULI Senior Visiting Fellow for Creative Placemaking.  What it comes down to is that we need to be intentional in planning and identifying placemaking opportunities, especially along commercial corridors.  There are opportunities for linking creative placemaking and health together, and the key is to begin planning in the pre-construction phase of development.  “By no means does this prevent you from implementing creative placemaking any time during the development phase, but that is ideal,” said Juanita.

Who benefits from creative placemaking?

  • Government – tax revenues, job growth, public safety
  • Community – improved health outcomes, social cohesion and economic outcomes
  • Developers and Partners – increased market value, lower turnover rates, faster lease up, higher community buy-in, foster approval cycle, and market recognition.

More information is available at the links below:

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