Frequently Asked Questions

Participants are challenged to make decisions about density, growth and change in the region. The exercise pushes participants to see the connection between the choices we make and their unintended consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Involved? 
RealityCheck2050 brings together diverse constituencies and viewpoints from businesses, individuals, nonprofit, environmental, real estate and civic leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This diversity challenges the participants to work together to find solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by growth in the region.

What Other Areas have Conducted Reality Checks?
1. Los Angeles, CA (2005)
2. Washington, DC (2005)
3. North Texas (2005 & 2007)
4. Baltimore, MD (2006)
5. Tampa Bay, FL (2007)
6. Charleston, SC (2007)
7. Uplands Region of SC (2008)
8. Seattle, WA (2008)
9. Phoenix, AZ (2008)
10. Triangle Area, NC (2009)
11. Jacksonville, FL (2009)
12. Upstate Area, SC (2009)
13. Hampton Roads, VA (2012)
14. EnvisionEAST-2050, NC (2012)
15. Richmond, VA (2013)
16. Charlotte, NC (2013)

How does RealityCheck2050 work?

  • We will invite a cross section of individuals engaged in land use issues from real estate to civic leagues, from transportation planners to environmental groups.
  • They come together for one full day to prepare potential options for regional growth, with a focus on accommodating the growth of housing and jobs through 2050.  Then using LEGO® blocks and string and working in groups of 10 around map covered tables, they plot out where they believe housing, roads, parks, shopping centers and transit ought to be situated in our region in 2050.
  • Trained experts from ULI analyze and help compile the information into a report that is provided to regional and municipal leaders and planners. That becomes a living, breathing document that ULI Charlotte District Council and CONNECT Our Future will incorporate into the process of developing alternative growth scenarios for regional growth.

What Happens Afterward?
The data will be used to help CONNECT Our Future’s second phase of public engagement, which begins translating the public input from Phase 1 on values and needs, into mapping some alternative ways the region actually might grow in terms of both housing and jobs. Reality Check  will mark the first public engagement event in the hands-on Scenario Planning Process, which will be followed by 15-16 Community Growth Workshops.

How is RealityCheck2050 Being Funded?
RealityCheck2050 is a part of the CONNECT Our Future process which is a Sustainable Communities initiative, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The CONNECT Our Future three-year process is engaging public, private and non-profit organizations across the 14-county region in the development of regional growth framework.