The Day’s Event

On June 4, 2013 participants will come together for one full day to understand the challenge, set guiding land use principles and then using LEGOS® and string and working in groups of 10 around map covered tables, plot out where they believe housing, roads, parks, shopping centers and transit ought to be situated.

The Day’s Event

What happened at RealityCheck2050?
The day was started by an impactful speech by Ed McMahon. There were 42 tables with participants, scribes and facilitators at each table. They created guiding principles, placed over 1,000 red and yellow LEGO bricks on their 6’x6’ map, heard the key note speaker Robert Grow, did in time polling, and heard the exciting  results of the day. Here is a link to Ed McMahon’s speech. Here is a link to Robert Grow’s presentation.

Who was Involved in RealityCheck2050?
The participants of RealityCheck2050 looked like the region. It was designed to be credible and balanced, with representatives from a diverse group of stakeholders, including environmental, business, civic, government and academic institutions. The priority was to be regionally inclusive.

What happens next?
The monumental task begins of coordinating all the information we received from RealtiyCheck2050. This information will be available in stages. With the first section of information available by July 1st and other information will be available in stages.

How can you help?
CONNECT Our Future will be hosting 16 Days of Community Growth Workshops, that’s 48 workshops in 14 counties. We are looking to have over 1,600 participants.  Workshops will begin on September 5 and run through October 17 Visit beginning August 1 to find out when and where the workshops in your county will be held and how to sign up.

Materials used on Tuesday, June 4: