Devonridge subdivision under construction, Union County, NC Weddington. in July 2014 advertised as 102ish per square foot, home prices in the $500.000 range. Current school assignments are Weddingtoin ES, MS and High School. Not sure if impacted by proposed redistricting.

Living in Charlotte 2016

Living in Charlotte 2016

Living in Charlotte 2016:  Views on Housing, Transportation and Community

In an effort to better understand the local preferences of a growing and evolving population, during the summer of 2016, ULI Charlotte conducted a survey to look at “why Charlotte?” And even more, “why your neighborhood in Charlotte?”

Many national surveys have studied and found preferences to live in more walkable, urban environments, however, general studies also show that (for example) more millennials live in suburban locations rather than urban.  For growth and development in the Charlotte region to more effectively answer the question around live, work and play, ULI Charlotte believes a regional survey could better inform our members as to the extent our community is looking for more dense cities, walkable suburbs, transit oriented development or are content with a more suburban lifestyle.

During the research, we sought varying views from a variety of income levels, household sizes, and lifestyles, from throughout the Charlotte area.

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