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Community Building during Habitat’s Women’s Build

A special thank you to the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) participants as we endured hot temperatures installing trim work, building fences, and preparing a house during the Habitat for Humanity’s 25th Annual Women’s Build on June 16, 2016:  Lauren Anderson, Chanda Brantley, Cathy Demmitt, Erin Gillespie, Joselyn Harriger, Mo Hoffman, Krista Hunter, Theresa Salmen, Danielle Bleier, Chanda Brantley, Alice Endres, Joselyn Harriger, Frances Johnson, Julie Lowe, Nicole Niemann, Victoria Scifo, and Jennifer Stanton.  We were honored to work side-by-side with the homeowner LaToya, as well as other future homeowners.  Thank you to our volunteers for your time and making a difference in our community.


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