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Seats Still Available for the 2018 Carolinas’ Meeting

CONVERGE with hundreds of professionals at the leading regional meeting | CONNECT and build your network, allowing new ideas and solutions to surface, break down silos and inspire new approaches | CREATE heightened collaboration and learning exchange to help you identify and apply solutions that will optimize efficiencies, solve challenges and propel you forward.

Program Highlights

Partnerships at Work: The Greenville Story – For the past 30 years, the City of Greenville has collaborated with both the private sector and civic institutions to create unique development partnerships, stimulating major downtown revitalization projects that have had far-reaching impacts. Hear from key leaders involved in the many public-private partnerships that lead downtown’s rebirth, making Greenville, South Carolina on of the best places to live in America today. Featuring Mayor Knox White, Mayor, Greenville, South Carolina; Minor Shaw, Chair, Daniel-Mickel Foundation; Bob Hughes, President, Hughes Development Corp.; and moderator Steve Navarro, CBRE (Moderator).

Leading the Region Forward – As the Carolinas’ change and grow, we face hard decisions about the future of our region, from connectivity to affordable housing to resiliency. This session will provide you with a fast-paced “TED TALK” style of program on key topics in our communities.

Resilience and Sustainability: Billy Grayson, ULI Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance (Washington, DC); Connectivity: Doug Webster, CBRE (Greenville, SC); Affordable Housing: Ron Terwilliger, Terwilliger Pappas Multifamily Partners (Atlanta, GA).

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