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Crane Watch: Six Cutting-Edge Developments across the Carolinas

It’s a long game that benefits from analysis, planning—and, it is hoped, a stroke of luck. That characterization of real estate development was illustrated by six developers who discussed their current projects at the 2019 ULI Carolinas Meeting in Raleigh in February. From projects that benefited from forward-looking church leaders, to decade-long timelines for redeveloping moribund sites, to downtowns that blossomed in the period between land acquisition and groundbreaking, the stories highlighted the patience, hard work, and serendipity needed for a project to come to fruition.

The panelists were Benjamin Cuevas, who is in charge of real estate development at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership; Adam Golden, vice president of development at Northwood Ravin; Dan Doyle, senior vice president of development at the Beach Company; Warner Kuppin, director of residential development for Kane Realty Corporation; Robert Hughes, president of Hughes Development Corporation; and Chris Thomas, a partner with Childress Klein.

  1. The Mezzanine at Freedom, Charlotte, North Carolina
  2. The Van Alen and 555 Mangum, Durham, North Carolina
  3. The Jasper, Charleston, South Carolina 
  4. Peace Apartments, Raleigh, North Carolina 
  5. BullStreet District, Columbia, South Carolina
  6. Apex South Park, Charlotte, North Carolina 

For more information about the highlighted projects, click here.

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