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Interested in Attending the ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit?

If you are interested in attending the ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit, here are some quick pointers:

Who is eligible to attend the Spring Meeting?

  • All Full members (includes Full public, private, and under 35) located anywhere in the world
  • Spring Meeting sponsors and Spring Quarterly (Spring Meeting issue) Urban Land magazine advertisers

How can other ULI members or nonmembers become eligible to attend?

  • Associate members including public sector, private sector, and under 35 members from other states may upgrade to Full member to attend.  Dues will be prorated.  Students are not eligible to upgrade to Full membership.
  • Nonmembers may join as Full Members to attend.


What are the Full Member dues?

U.S. dues for Full memberships are Public sector: $305, Under 35: $610, Private sector: $1,220

How do you upgrade your membership or join as a Full member?

To upgrade from Associate, call 800-321-5011 or email membership@uli.org.  Nonmembers may also apply online at uli.org/join.  Full membership is selective and requires a biography and three references from other Full members.

Does a Full membership guarantee a Product Council seat?

Full membership is the first step to be eligible to apply for a Product Council seat, but there is no guarantee of selection.  Product Councils are extremely selective.  To apply for a Product Council, you must be a Full member, then go to navigator.uli.org to apply.

Why is the Spring Meeting only open to Full Members?

The Spring Meeting is a special Full member benefit. The networking and content are geared to a senior executive/industry leader audience.  The Fall Meeting is our meeting that is open to all members and nonmembers.

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