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Since 1947, the Advisory Services Program has been assisting communities by bringing together real estate, planning and development experts to provide unbiased, pragmatic advice for addressing complex land use planning and development issues.

A ULI Charlotte TAP provides similar services to local government and community-based non-profit organizations. Once a project has been designated as a TAP, ULI’s Charlotte District Council will assemble a panel of volunteers with expertise in areas that are required to focus on the sponsor’s particular problem or issues.

Because of the diverse expertise of the members of the District Council, a broad array of issues can be evaluated. Member’s expertise is available on commercial retail, office, industrial, residential, and mixed land uses in a multiplicity of urban forms.

Under ideal circumstances, a TAP panel will be focused on issues surrounding a particular site. The scope of the analysis is intended to be for the benefit of a specific site within a neighborhood or community. Analysis will typically be organized around defining site characteristics and limitations, identification and assessment of community and neighborhood goals, consideration of alternative land use strategies in the context of preliminary feasibility analysis, and recommendations for next steps.

The sponsoring organization will be responsible for gathering the background information that is necessary to understand the project, and to present it to the panel. The sponsoring organization will also provide staff support for the meeting, and for any follow-up report or presentation. TAP panel members will expect to spend up to one day developing an understanding of the problem, developing recommendations, and presenting those findings and recommendations to the sponsoring organization.

Consider a Technical Assistance Program

Since 2002, ULI Charlotte has helped communities and organizations throughout the region answer this and many other questions through its Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Specifically, the program assists non-profit organizations, cities, towns and communities by bringing experts together to provide unbiased, pragmatic advice for addressing complex land use and real estate development issues.

ULI Charlotte hand selects experienced panelists from the public sector, planning, design, engineering, development and financing professions to bring many years of expertise to the table with the goal of providing innovative solutions for each unique program. Each Technical Assistance Program is catered to meet the specific needs, objectives, and budgets of the client.

ULI Charlotte strives to deliver a comprehensive solution to each challenge posed, in a strategic and cost effective manner, typically delivered over the course of one or two days, where three to five expert panelists review the target site, analyze the data, and provide the client with a report of their findings and recommendations.

Examples of TAP reports include:
  • Downtown/Transit Oriented Development

Mill Village Revitalization Study, Mooresville, NC
Addressing the Mill Village, which surrounds the former Mooresville Mill.

  • Non-Profit

Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association, Charlotte, NC
Reviewing and providing recommendations for the real estate holdings of the Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association.

  • Neighborhood Revitalization

Holly Avenue Neighborhood, Winston-Salem, NC
Implementing a foundation for future planning efforts by supplying an initial community assessment of land use strategies and offering recommendations for next steps.

  • Economic Development/Corridor Redevelopment

Historic West End, Charlotte, NC
Revitalizing West Trade Street from Johnson C. Smith University to Gateway Village.

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