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ULI Charlotte will be profiling all of our District Council Leadership. Keep checking back to learn more about the members committed to making our organization the best it can be!

  • Name:  Brian T. Nicholson
  • Company/Organization:  Crescent Resources
  • Current position:  Senior Development Manager
  • Place of birth/hometown:   Born in Miami, middle and high school in West Palm, college at UF, 10 years in DC and found a hometown in Charlotte
  • Years in the business: 12
  • Most satisfying part of my job: Creating communities that better people’s lives, especially kitchens and bathrooms.  We all have them, and I get to develop thousands!
  • Strongest Leadership quality: I’ve worked for and with great leaders and mentors and strive to use lessons learned to help pay forward my experience with the next generation of real estate professionals.
  • Career/Leadership advice: Diversify your experience skill set, seek out and engage effective mentors; work hard and smart; continue to grow regardless of your position.
  • Last book read: “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”
  • Favorite Vacation: A “staycation” would be playing with my kids in the driveway, a “family trip” is a Disney Cruise, and a true vacation is a beach in Costa Rica.
  • Family:  I’ve been married to my wife Staci for 10 years (known her for 23), and we have a son Blake (6) and daughter Rylan (4).
  • Why I belong to ULI:   The opportunity to collaborate with leaders in real estate in an open and sharing environment.
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