• ULI Symposium

    Don’t miss this unique event that will combine practical advice in how you can better pitch your deal, with an insider’s view of how today’s capital providers assess development opportunities and what they see for the future. Read More

  • Leadership

    FY15 Governance Committee, Management Committee and Advisory Board Read More

  • Get Involved

    We offer numerous volunteer opportunities and welcome our members to coordinate or moderate a local program, volunteer for UrbanPlan, provide mentoring for a Young Leader, contribute to our blog or assist with a Community Outreach project – just to name a few. Members can also … Read More

  • ULI in Action

    In the ULI fashion of offering an unbiased and non-partisan exchange on issues impacting the industry, District Councils provide the avenues for active dialogues between private industry, environmental organizations, and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues. ULI Charlotte has been … Read More

ULI Charlotte News

Congratulations to Alysia Osborne and Charlie…

As part of the Emerging Leaders Program, Alyssa Osborne, City of Charlotte, and Charlie Rulick, Miller-Valentine Group, were selected, with 14 others throughout the world, to participate in the Council/District Council Exchange at the 2015 ULI Spring Meeting in Houston. Read More

Charleston’s Upper Peninsula: Sustainable…


Driving north through Charleston, South Carolina’s upper peninsula, Katie McKain explains the rationale behind a new initiative that seeks to shape this rapidly developing district, home to several creative and high-tech businesses and some of the city’s hottest commercial real estate. In a city known … Read More

Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Shrinking…

By Archana Pyati According to strategic marketing guru Gunnar Branson, real estate is facing a shrinking demand for physical space as a result of Moore’s Law, a prediction made in the 1960’s by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore that the computer power of micro-chips would … Read More

2015 YLG Regional Partnership Forum | Application…

The Young Leaders Groups of ULI Charlotte, ULI South Carolina and ULI Triangle District Councils are excited to announce a NEW Regional Partnership Forum for 2015. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, MARCH 6 These groups will meet together in each District Council’s region with a goal … Read More